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wolf pack international inc. is efficient, consistent, cost-effective, and safe.

Wolf Pack International facilities have been instrumental in producing and packaging food products for the last number of decades where the location itself is aspiring.  It prides itself in being efficient, competitive, reliable and safety conscious 


Food manufacturing is a very specialized and highly regulated industry because of allergens, food safety issues and regulatory requirements by FDA and Local State Authorities such as WSDA. 

Wolf Pack International Plant is FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and WSDA (Washington State Department of Agriculture) registered facility that complies with  all appropriate state and federal regulations including CGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practises), Acidified Foods Regulations and HACCP (Hazzard Analyses and Critical Control Points).

Wolf Pack International is a versatile facility that can accommodate wide variety of Vegetarian and Vegan Food Products from small batch production to large scale manufacturing.

We carefully source ingredients from highly reputable local, national and international suppliers to fulfil the needs of our customers. 

custom, Co-Pack and Private Label


Recipes and Formulations

Wolf Pack International will assist you with your recipes and formulations in refining and scaling them to market expectations.  We provide services and guidance for packaging designs and label requirements. 

Labeled Jars before packaging



Wolf Pack International has expertise and experience in creating food products from conceptual design to marketing for specialized niche specific foods to the wide spectrum requirements of mainstream foods. Years of experiences and knowhow enable us in customizing many of our proprietary recipes and formulations.

Co -


Wolf Pack International is fully equipped to take your products from the initial processing, packaging, labeling and crating of your finished products that could be shipped throughout the United States of America and worldwide.


Processing and Packaging




Wolf Pack International produces and packages a wide variety of foods that include:

  • Refrigerated and Frozen Products

  • Shelf-stable Products

  • Glass Jar Products

  • Dry Products

Filling Jars, Bottles and Containers



Wolf Pack International typically can package food products from one ounce to a gallon.  

Research & Development




Wolf Pack International considers Food Safety as the paramount importance in the food  industry.

We have in-house experts in necessary food sciences, and engage outside consultants on an ongoing basis to be in the forefront of the ever changing food processing and regulatory requirements. We are constantly striving towards producing products that require no artificial flavors, colors and preservatives using proven and tested technologies. The company is geared in attaining sustainable and Eco-friendly status by procuring supplies from local farms where possible. 

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